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Solar and Home Building

The renewal energy industry predicted that by 2050, solar will become the #1 source of energy. Despite high installation costs, personnel shortages, supply-chain issues, and import tariff complexities, the solar industry is booming. While the future of solar is bright, getting there by providing education and support to homeowners is extremely important. Today, when you go through the home building process and are interested in solar, you are often on your own. From battles over net metering to the cost of installation. Combined with every other aspect of the home building process, it’s not surprising that numerous homeowners abandon their dream of a solar home.

In the typical home installation, soft expenses currently account for between 55 and 60 per cent of the total cost of installation. This includes design, overhead for installers, finance, contracts, inspection, permits, and connectivity. However, due to innovations in software industry, startups are making solar systems not only better but also more accessible.

What is a solar ready home?

Rookwood Estates located in Marion, Iowa is a Twenty40 residential development offering solar ready homes to help homeowners reach their goal of a solar powered home. Being solar ready means that the home is wired so that solar panels can be installed in the future when the buyers are ready. Outside of power outages, a solar setup offers significant savings on a home’s electricity. These savings can pay for itself in as little as seven years. It is also possible, if expensive, to power a home entirely using solar energy. Therefore, the real advantage of solar ready homes is flexibility.

Right now, the cost-effectiveness of a solar system depends on the location, available government programs and local utility programs. Depending on these factors, it may or may not be cost-effective for a homeowner to set up a solar system. However, a solar ready home can receive a solar system when the time is right for the homeowner. This allows the homeowner to wait until the technology has improved or for tax incentives and programs that help offset the costs. Solar ready homes give owners the flexibility to install a solar power system when it makes sense for them.

What does building a house in the future look like? Zero Energy Ready Homes and Zero Net Energy Homes are already here. They are designed to meet high energy efficiency standards and like our solar ready homes, are wired so that solar panels can be easily installed in the future, allowing them to become zero net energy homes when the buyers are ready.

So, the future is bright for solar. If you thought owning a solar ready home was out of reach, contact our sales team and Twenty40 Real Estate today. We’d love to make that dream a reality.


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